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Andy Parks From The Washington Times

Nov 30, 2011

From Wednesday, Nov 30: Guests include Patrice Hill, Joe Weber, Jennifer Harper, Phil Kerpen, Emily Miller, Ed Kelley, Charles Hurt, Jeff Kuhner, Stephen Dinan, Kerry Picket, Meredith Somers

Nov 29, 2011

From Tuesday, Nov 29: Guests include Tony Blankley, Matt Cella, Jennifer Harper, Dr. Milton Wolf, Wayne Allyn Root, Dave Boyer, Ed Kelley, Rob Wolchek of Fox 2 News, Jeff Kuhner, Colleen Owens of the Richmond Tea Party, Kerry Picket, Ralph Hallow

Nov 28, 2011

From Monday, Nov 28:  Guests include Matt Cella, Jennifer Harper, James Robbins, Julie Gunlock & Nicki Kurokowa Neily with IMF, Tim Devaney, Ed Kelley, Stephen Dinan, Jeff Kuhner, Kerry Picket, Rich Campbell, Robert Knight

Nov 23, 2011

From Wednesday, Nov 23: Guests include Matt Cella, Jennifer Harper, Brett Decker, Emily Miller, Tim Devaney, Chris Dolan, Stephen Dinan, Jeff Kuhner, Jerry Seper, Kerry Picket, Meredith Somers

Nov 22, 2011

From Tuesday, Nov 22: Guests include Congressman Fred Grandy, Steve Ellis of Taxpayers for Common Sense, Matt Cella, Jennifer Harper, Ben Wolfgang, Tony Blankley, Ed Kelley, Dave Boyer, Jeff Kuhner, Kerry Picket