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Andy Parks From The Washington Times

Sep 30, 2011

From Friday, Sept 30:  Guests include Rich Campbell, Matt Cella, Jennifer Harper, Emily Miller, Shaun Waterman, Brett Decker, Tim Devaney, Ed Kelley, Bob Siegel, Dave Boyer, Dr. Patricia Griffin with the CDC, Kerry Picket

Sep 29, 2011

From Thursday, Sept 29:  Guests include Marc Lancaster, Matt Cella, Jennifer Harper, Stephen Dinan, T.J. O'Hara, Lanny Davis, Ed Kelley, Patrick Hruby, Ben Wolfgang, Kerry Picket, Chef Mary Payne Moran

Sep 28, 2011

From Wednesday, Sept 28:  Guests include Senator Jim DeMint, Rob Lockwood of the North Carolina GOP, Ashish Sen, Jim McElhatton, Joe Weber, Dave Boyer, Emily Miller, Ed Kelley, David Mastio, Investigative Editor Jerry Seper. 

Sep 27, 2011

From Tuesday, Sept 27:  Guests include Herman Cain, Stephen Dinan, Dan Daly, Rich Campbell, Matt Cella, Jennifer Harper, Brett Decker, Tim Lomax of Texas Transportation Institute, Kerry Picket, Ed Kelley

Sep 26, 2011

From Monday, Sept 26:  Guests include Rich Campbell, Matt Cella, Jennifer Harper, James Robbins, Jim McElhatton, Ed Kelley, Dave Boyer, Jeff Kuhner, Robert Knight of the American Civil Rights Union, Kerry Picket, Meredith Somers