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Andy Parks From The Washington Times

Dec 21, 2012

From Friday, Dec 21: Guests include Matt Cella, Jennifer Harper, Stephen Dinan, Doug Ernst, Chris Versace, Rich Campbell and the best soundbites of 2012

Dec 20, 2012

From Thursday, Dec 20: Guests include Megan Poinski, Jennifer Harper, Susan Crabtree, Guy Taylor, Doug Ernst, Patrick Hruby, Jeff Kuhner, Stephen Dinan, Mike O'Meara

Dec 19, 2012

From Wednesday, Dec 19:  With guest co-host Fred Grandy, guests include Senator James Inhofe, Speaker Newt Gingrich, Jennifer Harper, Matt Cella, Emily Miller, Marybeth Hicks, Doug Ernst, Jeff Kuhner, Paul Samakow

Dec 18, 2012

From Tuesday, Dec 18: Guests include Steve Deace, Jim Robbins, Matt Cella, Jennifer Harper, Dan Daly, Doug Ernst, Stephen Dinan, Jeff Kuhner, Ben Wolfgang

Dec 17, 2012

From Monday, Dec 17: Guests include Matt Cella, Jennifer Harper, Al Cardenas, Anneke Green, Katherine Timpf, Ben Wolfgang, Stephen Dinan, Jeff Kuhner, Jim Dinegar, Rich Campbell